May 13th 2017 Open Day

We celebrated the 25th anniversary on Saturday May 13th with an Open Day, a re-dedication Ceremony and an evening event led by TV presenter Pam Rhodes. Thank you to all groups for so much support.

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The Town Green Centre today The Open Day in full swing Looking at the flower arrangements in the church
Min on the keyboard The Mindfulness Stall The Encore Stall
The Parent & Toddler Stall The In-Betweens' Stall The Wymondham Access Group Stall
Elaine and the Young Carers ball at their Stall Two happy ladies Jen and Denise providing music
Sallie on the Quilters' Stall... ...and Mike on the Day Care Centre Stall Lots of crafts happened on the Brownie Stall
The Quaker Stall Wendy and helpers organised refreshments in aid of NARS Commemorative Balloons
Commemorative Chocolate Bars Marilyn won one of the green goody Raffle prizes The Slimming World Stall
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